The Impossible Burger Reviews

Chances are, whether or not you are plant-based, you have probaby heard of the “Impossible Burger” AKA the plant-based patty that has not only broken the internet, but seemingly the restaurant industry as well. I am not often quick to try “fake meat” products, given I’m way more into minimally processed protein sources (beans, legumes, tofu, etc.). However, given the amazing feedback I’ve heard on this burger I knew I HAD to taste it!

These burgers are actually in such high demand that there is a shortage of patties at restaurants that carry them and the company behind them is actually facing a shortage of supplies… Everyone is dying to get their hands on these shockingly meat-esque bad boys. The first time I attempted to try one, I was actually turned down at an airport bar/grill in San Fran due to the fact that they had completely run out of their “experimental” order of Impossible Burgers in a matter of days… DAYS. With the basic vegan patty they gave me instead and only a tiny bit of disappointment, I resolved to try it as soon as I could. So this past weekend I finally got my hands on one. I must say… I was shocked by how much it looked and tasted like a literal beef patty. Once I got over the initial shock and weirdness, I loved this plant-based burger!

Down to the beet juice that provides an uncannily meaty redness (not sure how much I love that addition) to these patties, the Impossible Burger is insanely similar to a regular meat patty. I am truly mind-blown! They are a great alternative to meat and are far from a boring, dry vegan patty. This burger was flavorful, juicy, and so dang satisfying. I will definitely order one again.

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However, no meal is perfect because we all have different preferences. I wanted as little bias as possible when sharing this info with you, so I took this topic to the Crush team. Here’s what Tawnee had to say:

“Honestly I don’t like the ingredients in them compared to the Beyond Meat burgers and prefer the Beyond taste over the Impossible Burger. It does taste very realistic though. The Beyond Meat has more of a grilled burger flavor.”

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Clearly a comparison taste testing is due… it’s the perfect excuse to eat more burgers, right? My recommendation to you is to try both the Impossible and Beyond Meat patties and decide for yourself!

If your favorite local restaurant hasn’t hopped on the bandwagon, I recommend that you ask them about the possibility of carrying Impossible Burgers and/or Beyond Meat burgers. Because of their quick rise to fame, it is likely that many restaurants near you either carry or are considering carrying these delicious plant-based alternatives.

Make it a great week, Crush Community!