Overcoming Barriers in Health

Any major lifestyle change can be daunting. Maybe you are considering finally going plant-based or implementing a new fitness regimen into your life… The desired outcome is there, there’s no doubt about that. The desire to lose weight, gain muscle, feel strong, accomplish a fitness goal, etc. may be extremely prevalent, but the barriers of entry can make success feel so far fetched and unrealistic. How can you make a lifestyle change when society, life, work, family, and- to be blunt- your own cravings for unhealthy foods or lack of motivation to go to the gym get in the way every time? I get it, trust me. I remember when I finally made the leap and became fully plant-based. It was hard. I kissed brie cheese and lobster goodbye very reluctantly, but I knew that what I was about to gain was FAR greater than what I was giving up. 

What exactly did I gain by stripping my diet of some of my past favorite foods? I gained muscle…yes, I gained muscle from plants. It’s fully possible. I gained a new understanding and appreciation for how I care for my body. I gained knowledge. And most of all, I gained confidence. As a female in 2019, confidence seems so rare. However, when I know that I am caring for my body by nourishing and feeding it what it needs, I can be fully confident in myself, my body, and my food choices.

The same goes for fitness. Yes, upping your game in the gym is time consuming, sometimes grueling, and not always easy on the body! But here is the deal: Comfort zones are nice, but nothing grows there. 

So how exactly do you push past these barriers of entry that prevent you from making a positive lifestyle change? 

First, you need to assess your desired outcome(s). Do you want to lose weight, increase your longevity, implement healthy habits for your family, etc…? Once you have established what you want to gain, you must figure out what is holding you back. Is it time, social life, personal taste, etc…? Make a list of both of these things and measure them up against each other. At the end of the day, YOU must decide what you value the most. If you value your confidence, health, and strength over fear, cravings, and nerves, then you know that you are ready for a lifestyle change. You simply must value the desired outcomes more than the barriers of entry.

Now let’s talk action. So often people are motivated to make a major change at first… they try out every new plant-based recipe on the market, buy a gym membership, and start out strong with a freshly lit fire under their a**es. But what about one, two, three months in when it gets hard? The motivation begins to die out and your energy slowly fades. How do you continue to crush it? That is where discipline comes in. Discipline at its finest is the act of showing up even when ever fiber of your being screams at you not to. It is an act of faith, knowing that even when you don’t feel it, the choices you make today WILL benefit you tomorrow. You MUST tap into discipline. Lay out a plan and stick to it! Bring in accountability buddies who will hold you to your word. Just. Don’t. Give. Up.

I can guarantee if you are planning to make a positive lifestyle change, eventually it will become habitual. Just don’t give up until then. Stay in the game, continue to show up for yourself with foods that fuel and a lifestyle that challenges and moves your body. You can do this!

Go Crush it, babes!