No Equipment Workout in Under 30 Minutes

For those days when you can’t get yourself to a gym or studio and you just need a quick burn to get yourself going, a quick HIIT/bodyweight workout is key to getting it DONE. I am currently on vacation with my family and I put together this killer sequence that you all can suffer through with me! This morning I woke up (too early), dragged my man out to a field at our resort, and set up some fun Latin American tunes. Then we busted through this workout in under 30 minutes! Here’s the sequence:


10 Jumping jacks

10 Arm circles forward, 10 circles back

10 Squats to forward fold

20 Butt kicks

WORKOUT- Complete entire sequence 3x

Complete all 3 moves for 30 seconds with zero rests between, then take a 30 second rest between each round.


-Plyo lunges

-Side to side pushups



-Squat to lunge (Start in a squat, step right foot back into deep lunge, step back into squat. Alternate sides)

-Mountain climbers

-High planks jump ins (plank to low squat)


-High knee sprints

-Squat jacks

-Tricep dips to cross toe taps


-Donkey Kick Complex (entire sequence on each side, 30 seconds each move): straight leg, straight leg crossing, pulse with bent knee, full range motion to the side, side pulse. Repeat on opposite side

-90 Second glute bridge

ABS- 30 seconds each move

-Alternating toe taps

-Straight toe taps

-Bicycle crunches

-Burn out with as many situps with a punch at the top as you can do! GET IT.

Don’t forget to stretch after you’re finished. Go get it, Crush community!