Simple Power Salad

A perfect salad must have a balance of fibrous leafy greens, nutritious veggies, healthy fats, and just the right amount of protein. Without a balance of these key ingredients, salads can often feel like rabbit food, and we are not here for that. The following recipe will deliver you an amazing, filling, and delicious salad that can be easily eaten on the go. Mix and match your proportions of veggies to make the perfect blend for YOU! You can’t go wrong.

  1. Spinach Balsamic Power Salad



    - Cucumber

    -Red bell pepper



    -Purple Cabbage


    -2 tbsp pumpkin seeds

    -2 tbsp hummus

    -Drizzle of balsamic aceto

How to make it: Create your base by adding spinach to the bottom of your salad bowl. Layer on the rest of the veggies, basing the proportions on your personal preference. Sprinkle the pumpkin seeds over your bowl, add hummus, and drizzle balsamic aceto over the top.

Extra tips for creating your own power salads:

-Bulk up with plenty of leafy greens! Studies continue to show that abundance of leafy greens are associated with lower bodyweight, reduced disease risk, and lowered blood pressure. Make sure to choose wisely- ditch the nutritionally lame iceberg lettuce and go for something that will fill you up with dense nutrients, such as spinach, arugula, kale (wilt it slightly first over heat to break up goitrogens that can lead to thyroid problems), or a power greens mix.

-Play up the texture. By adding plenty of crunchy veggies such as carrot, celery, or bell pepper, your body will feel more satiated, due to the crunching that slows down eating and sends signals of satisfaction to your brain.

-Add healthy carbohydrates. Roasted sweet potatoes or russet potatoes, quinoa, or brown rice are great additions to any salad, especially if you’re looking for something to keep you full for hours.

-Get creative with dressing! Eliminate processed dressings by mixing in avocado and coconut aminos.